Icons inspire modern sportswear reissues



UMBRO is a sporting goods manufacturer synonymous with football culture, so it was a treat when they asked us to research and identity a series of iconic garments from their legendary kit archives. The goal was to define the key features of each garment and create a 'stitch-by-stitch' reproduction series for premium retailers. The collection would hopefully create an authentic platform to launch future 'lifestyle' ranges for consumers of modern football culture, whilst paying homage to the brand's industrious football tailoring heritage.


Icons are timeless and can define an era, or elevate a moment in time to a place in history. To kick-off the project we needed to identity the garments owning a compelling back-story, to capture the hearts and minds of a modern football audience. Each iconic style was scrutinised from fabric to fit, construction to colour and branding to trims, to uncover the bespoke details that made them quintessentially British and potential future football classics.


After a forensic laboratory style analysis, we identified four iconic styles that were reproduced 'stitch-by-stitch' and sold to hand picked premium UK retailers, packaged in velvet boot packaging: The Alf Ramsey 1966 anthem jacket; the durable drill top from the 80's; the diamond sleeved track jacket; and, the Mexico mesh jersey. Due to the acclaim of the Alf Ramsey jacket, we created a limited edition 'lifestyle' interpretation, to show that icons of the past can become commercially-viable icons of the future and appeal to fans of modern football culture.


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