A website that gets right under the skin



In a sun drenched showroom in downtown Laguna Beach California, PELT acts as a 'fixer' for global fashion brands, sourcing agents and clothing manufacturers. Through consultation, trend research, product design, fabric sourcing and garment production, owner Melissa Martinez-Booth helps her clients connect and realise their company vision. Proper was asked to create a website that clearly and creatively expressed their services, methods and passion for the industry.


We found inspiration inside the pages of Melissa's personal travel journal that documented her adventures and insatiable appetite for new trends, fabrics and techniques. PELT's knowledge and experience of the fashion design and development process was evident on every page through her garment sketches, inspirational quotes and design notes that detailed the spirit of the craftsmen and women encountered on her travels - a treasure trove that inspired design, colour and aesthetic.


The new PELT 'mobile first' website was designed and built to convey Melissa's organic approach to product design and development style, also highlighting the collaborative, creative and ethnical sides of the fashion industry. The site underlines PELT's reputation as a trusted fashion resource and features a blog section that discusses seasonal trends, garment design, new manufacturing techniques and global ethical topics.


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