A brand launch film crafted with conviction



JUDGE & JURY is a Manchester breakout brand with a plan to release tough-minded guys back onto the streets wearing stylish menswear, 'Crafted With Conviction.' To help their launch in the UK, the guys asked us to create a short film to convey their DNA and market positioning - a daring escape from the confinement of institutionalised fashion. The film was to be used online to build brand awareness on paid and earned social platforms, at showrooms and trade shows and for retailer points of sale.


Born in the shadows of HM Prison Manchester (Strangeways), JUDGE & JURY adopted a rebellious, gritty tone and provocative 'handcuff clad' brand identity. Inspired by themes of incarceration, we created a compelling story of a young mans journey to save himself from a life sentence of mediocre, me-too brands. Our goal was to offer a young urban audience a fresh start and a new razor sharp look, but we ended up in prison.


The film, introduced by an Oscar Wilde quote and set to powerful soundtrack by Manchester's Murkage Crew, depicts an imprisoned young man wrestling with his past. On his release day, a box of JUDGE & JURY clothing gives him hope but is met by an ominous figure who hands him a passport; perhaps a nod to his previous life or maybe a second chance? The film powerfully conveys the brand message and tees up a series of seasonal fashion films.

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